Contact Information

Address: 9040 SW 79th Avenue Miami, FL 33156 (Map)
Phone: (305) 275-3715
Fax: (305) 275-3719

Mr. Ronald Redmon
Administrative Director

Ms. Latoya D. Williams
GMAC Executive Secretary

Ms. Dyann Rannes
Office Manager

Ms. Marisol Diaz
Business Management Assistant

Ms. Miriam Duenas
Data Input Specialist
Athletic Events Scheduling

Athletic Trainers Employment Processing

Attendance Contract Program/Appeals for Athletics

Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) Liaison

Greater Miami Athletic Conference (GMAC) Policies and Procedures

GMAC Officials Association Liaison

Interscholastic Athletics Manual

Officials Employment Processing

Senior High Athletic Directors
Ms. Paola Martinez
Instructional Supervisor Activities

Anthony Cancio
Business Management Assistant
Athletic Eligibility Transfer Review Committee   
Field Trips

Attendance Contracts/ Appeals for Activities

Branding and Licensing

Coaching Certification

Coaching Certification Classes

District Athletic Advisory Committee Liaison


Guidelines ( Booster Clubs, Club Advisor, Performing Group, School Based Advertising, School Uniform Program, Student Activities)

School Calendars

Senior High Student Activities Director
Mr. Ira Fluitt
Curriculum Support Specialist

Ms. Josephine McGhee
Office Manager
District Approved Contests

Middle School Athletic/Activities Coordinators

Middle School Athletic Events Scheduling

Middle School Athletic Program (MSAP) 

Middle School Athletic Program Procedures Manual

Nathaniel “Traz” Powell Stadium

Supplements (Athletics, Activities, Clubs)